Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System
Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System
Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System
Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System
Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System
Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System

Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x Airbag System

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I can order these but they only direct ship to the store. I can mail them out from here.  Message with any questions you have.   

The Tech-Air®7x system was developed for Road Racing competitions, with full coverage protection focused on the upper body.
(Full-Back, Full-Chest, Collar Bones, and Shoulders)

The Tech-Air®7x system replaces the Tech-Air® RACE, with the latest innovations coming from the Alpinestars research and development team. This autonomous system complements the existing range Tech-Air® 10, Tech-Air® 5, and Tech-Air® 3 systems.

Like the Tech-Air® RACE, one of the key features of the Tech-Air® 7x is its integration (via attachment) to Alpinestars Tech-Air® compatible garments for increased practicality and comfort with select Alpinestars racing leather suits and jackets.

Tech-Air® 7x is also compatible with garments as a stand-alone Tech-Air® vest (Similar to Tech-Air® 5) with a converter kit included in the package.
The Tech-Air® 7x supports dual deployments with the end user being able to replace the canisters for the first four deployments before sending it in for full service and airbag bladder replacement.
A convenience feature of Tech-Air® 7x is the USB-C charging port located in the activation flap on the chest. It’s easily accessible even when the system is integrated inside a suit or jacket.

The latest evolution of the Tech-Air® wearable technology features a more compact and complete active electronic system that features 12 sensors (4 tri-axial sensors). 1 tri-axial accelerometer and 1 tri-axial gyroscope located on the main electronic control unit. Additional 2 tri-axial accelerometers located on the shoulders for the improvement of performance on track and a crash algorithm that leverages AI to accurately monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of a crash.
The system is also extremely easy to use, just zip up the vest and close the magnetic flap and you’re ready to ride. An LED display indicates the airbag’s operational status, and the integrated, certified lithium-ion battery has a battery life of 25 hours of riding time.

Tech-Air® 7x has Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying Tech-Air® App, which uses the rider’s phone to display the system’s operational status, battery status, and a detailed analysis of a ride; the system’s firmware can also be updated directly via the app.

  • Two individual deployments
  • User serviceable canister replacement for the first 4+ deployments. After that, the system will need to be sent in for bladder replacement and an overall check
  • Universal and integrated capability
    • Universal in the sense that it can be worn under any properly-fitting suit or jacket as a stand-alone system (like the TA5)
    • Integrated in the sense that it can be zipped into existing Alpinestars Tech-Air Compatible suits (that the RACE system could be zipped into).
  • An LED status panel will be on the chest on the activation flap, but there is also the capability to run an LED cable to the forearm (like on existing Alpinestars Tech-Air Compatible suits and jackets)