CE Ratings For Motorcycle Boots Explained By

Motorcycle boots CE Ratings Explained.
I'm going to try and make this as abbreviated as possible. 
The label inside the boot has a motorcycle icon, the designation of the test they’ve passed (EN13634:2017 on these examples) and then a series of up to four numbers. The numbers will be either a 1 for a Level 1 pass or a 2 for a Level 2 pass.
From left to right on label:
  • #1 indicates boot height
  • #2 Abrasions Resistance
  • #3 Impact Cut
  • #4 Transverse Rigidity

#1 Boot Height.  1 indicates a low boot and 2 indicates a tall boot.

#2 Abrasion Resistance
The boot is divided into two areas.
  1. Area A covers the sole, front and back of boot.
  2. Area B is everything else.
Samples are cut from each area and held against a moving abrasive belt. The time it takes to develop a hole dictates rating as follows:
CE Level 1: samples from area A must last 1.5 seconds and area B must last at least 5 seconds.
CE Level 2: Area A must last 2.5 seconds and area B must last at least 12 seconds.
#3 Impact Cut
A blade is attached to a mounting block and dropped onto the same test areas (A and B) as the abrasion test.
  1. Area A (sole, front, back): knife dropped at 2 meters per second (m/s). For level 1 and level 2 CE ratings, the knife can't protrude more than 25mm.
  2. Area B (all other areas): knife dropped at 2.8m/s.
      • CE level 1: pass area A test and can't protrude samples from area B more than 25mm
      • CE level 2: pass area A test and can't protrude samples from area B more than 15mm
#4 Transverse Rigidity
Boot is laid down with widest part positioned between two plates which press together at a rate of 30mm per minute. The force required to compress the sole at that rate is recorded. Test is stopped when the force clearly remains constant or the sole is crushed more than 20mm. They repeat the test 3 times.
CE level 1: force = 1kN-1.4kN (roughly 220lbs- 314lbs)
CE level 2: force = 1.5kN or above (337lbs or more)
There are optional tests a manufacturer can submit their boots for, but I'm not going to get into those in detail now. If you see these letters on the CE label, here's what they are:
IPA/IPS: impact protection to ankle and/or shin
WR: water resistance
FO: resistance to fuel or oil on sole
SRA/SRB/SRC: slip resistance of sole
B: breathability of uppers
WR (WAD): water absorption/desorption of inner (how much water the insides will hold and how much they release).